hist-games: 9 Men Morris and Little Mill games from Aarhus

Piotr Adamczyk piotr.adamczyk at muzeum.elblag.pl
Thu Jul 3 01:04:07 PDT 2008

Hans Skov, Aros 700-1100 (in:) Viking Aros, Denmark 2005, p. 32-33.
. Fine game board from there - board game carved into deck plank of a ship, reused as a merial for a well. Well cosntructed around 1215, ship was built aroun 1180.
Board can be used for two games: the middle part with the cross is for the fame of "little mill", similiar to noughts and crosses. The send game is "9 men morris".
For those interested =- I can scan a picture of this deck plank of a ship.

Piotr Adamczyk
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