hist-games: Tafl gaming pieces from Truso.

M Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Fri Jun 27 22:40:34 PDT 2008

Den 2008-06-28 05:45:30 skrev Damian Walker <damian at snigfarp.karoo.co.uk>:

> Quoting M Winther's message of Yesterday:
>> At the historical museum in Stockholm I saw a Tafl set of glass beads.
>> They were roundish, black versus transparent with bubbles in the
>> glass. The king was actually a little glass figure with a blue nose
>> and blue crown.
> This is a beautiful set.  I made a few sets from Fimo clay myself which
> were loosely based on this one.  Does anyone know if replica sets are
> available in glass?  I've seen a photograph of at least one copy of the
> king on the net.
> The set wasn't unique in its time--in the book "Birka: Die Graeber" by
> Arbmann, a couple of similar sets are shown, with the kings
> unfortunately broken.  The other sets had spiral trails around the
> attackers or defenders.  These may or may not be on display at the
> Stockholm museum.

One can buy glass beads and create a set oneself. There are also
amber variants:

But whom are one supposed to play against?


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