hist-games: Tafl gaming pieces from Truso.

Damian Walker damian at snigfarp.karoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 27 20:45:30 PDT 2008

Quoting M Winther's message of Yesterday:

> At the historical museum in Stockholm I saw a Tafl set of glass beads. 
> They were roundish, black versus transparent with bubbles in the 
> glass. The king was actually a little glass figure with a blue nose 
> and blue crown.

This is a beautiful set.  I made a few sets from Fimo clay myself which 
were loosely based on this one.  Does anyone know if replica sets are 
available in glass?  I've seen a photograph of at least one copy of the 
king on the net.

The set wasn't unique in its time--in the book "Birka: Die Graeber" by 
Arbmann, a couple of similar sets are shown, with the kings 
unfortunately broken.  The other sets had spiral trails around the 
attackers or defenders.  These may or may not be on display at the 
Stockholm museum.

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