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Are amber tafl pieces made by carving amber or by melting it and forming the pieces in molds? Your reference to semi finished pieces suggests carving but is there any evidence of amber being melted and used to make pieces in molds. 

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  Some time ago there was a discussion about "Hnefatafl material at Hedeby". Peter Michaelsen mentioned one king gamig piece from a Viking settlement in Truso. 
  This exact hnefi is maed of red amber, almost 3 cm.high
  I've started to count gaming pieces found so far in Truso (i.e. last week dr Jagodzinski have brought to museum 1 tafl gaming piece mafe of amber, the second of bone and third unfinished [bone]). 
  There was my presentation during the Board Games Studies Colloquium in Lisboa (IV.2008) about gaming pieces in Truso. So far i can tell (still have to find time to dig through the boxes from the80's with artefacts from Truso) that in the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elblag we have (if I remember well): 41 gaming pieces (c.a. 27 amber gaming pieces), 32 semi-finished (amber) and 8 fragments of gaming pieces + those uncounted from this year.
  Most of the gaming pieces could be used in the tafl-type games (4 of the gaming pieces cuold be used fo backgammon type of games).
  I am still writing an article about games in Truso and hope to find a place to publish it.

  Piotr Adamczyk, lecturer in the Department of Education and Promotion
  The Museum of Archaeology and History in Elblag


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