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Thanks for pointing this out - itll make fascinating reading.

 I actually provide a table (2 copies) of all the progressions with the game
so people can play without fully understanding the maths. I think it is the
fact that I understand Arithmetic and Geometric progression but not the
Harmonic that puts me off - one day Ill give it a go.

I assume that the game, when played in the 11th C, had Roman numerals
painted on the tiles (just to make the picture complete!)


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> Jon at Gothic Green Oak wrote:
> > The little feedback I get from customers suggests that those who buy
> > Rithmomachia play it when they can find someone who can understand it
> > and is willing. Harmonic progression is beyond my understanding so I
> > dont bother looking for anyone who can play.
> Actually, there's a convenient lookup table for that. Take a look in my
> transcription of Fulke:
> http://jducoeur.org/game-hist/fulke.html
> Around the middle of the book are tables of Arithmetical, Geometrical
> and "Musical" proportions for use in Rhythmomachy. (It also has
> subsequent tables of the combinations for figuring out the greater
> Triumphs.) These are useful if you want to play the full game, but are
> having trouble keeping the proportions straight.
> Personally, I recommend not worrying about it until you've played the
> game a bunch. We play Rhythmomachy periodically around here: I have a
> very nice homemade board made to Fulke's specifications, and teach the
> game from time to time. But we almost always play only to the common
> Triumphs (described at the end of the book, for beginners), because we
> just don't have *time* for the greater ones. Even playing to a common
> Triumph can take hours, especially when you're learning.
> I also mostly teach Fulke's Renaissance version instead of the Medieval.
> Not nearly as core-period, but it's much more consistent and somewhat
> easier to teach and learn...
> -- Justin
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