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Wed Jun 25 07:24:35 PDT 2008

Jon at Gothic Green Oak wrote:
> The little feedback I get from customers suggests that those who buy 
> Rithmomachia play it when they can find someone who can understand it 
> and is willing. Harmonic progression is beyond my understanding so I 
> dont bother looking for anyone who can play.

Actually, there's a convenient lookup table for that. Take a look in my 
transcription of Fulke:


Around the middle of the book are tables of Arithmetical, Geometrical 
and "Musical" proportions for use in Rhythmomachy. (It also has 
subsequent tables of the combinations for figuring out the greater 
Triumphs.) These are useful if you want to play the full game, but are 
having trouble keeping the proportions straight.

Personally, I recommend not worrying about it until you've played the 
game a bunch. We play Rhythmomachy periodically around here: I have a 
very nice homemade board made to Fulke's specifications, and teach the 
game from time to time. But we almost always play only to the common 
Triumphs (described at the end of the book, for beginners), because we 
just don't have *time* for the greater ones. Even playing to a common 
Triumph can take hours, especially when you're learning.

I also mostly teach Fulke's Renaissance version instead of the Medieval. 
Not nearly as core-period, but it's much more consistent and somewhat 
easier to teach and learn...

				-- Justin

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