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I agree Rithmomachy  / Rithmomachia (someone who knows please send a message) would only have been played by the educated, and numerate at that. However for an early medieval game it has survived well so must have been played by a sufficient number of the educated and numerate over the past centuries for the rules to have survived. 

( also, I make it and it sells well !)

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  Yes, the most important source is Alfonso: Chess, backgammon games (15 variants), dice games (12 variants): the oldest source we have giving exact rules for dice games (among them the predecessor of craps), variants of chess, dice and backgammon, alquerque, 3 men's morris, 9 men's morris.

  A new commented edition with german translation by myself and the late Ricardo Calvo is about to appear this year (finally!).

  I would also add Bruegel's painting with children's games in Vienna to the list of important sources. Although it is later in date, most of these games have been known much earlier (skittles, knucklebones etc.) and not only in the Netherlands.

  Rhythmomachiy is something so elitaire that it was surely not played by "normal" people.

  Ulrich Schädler

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  Any idea what kind of games culd crusaders (or generally in Europe and Middle East) play in the XIII th century? Bowls, board games etc. Alquerque could be, some kind of bowling maybe (I've seen a small icon witha painting where two people are tossing balls on a small wodden pyramids standing before oponents legs)...

  Piotr Adamczyk
  elblag, Poland


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