hist-games: Bear games, including 'Jeux des gendarmes et du voleur'

M Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Fri Jun 13 01:35:29 PDT 2008

I have now included the "wheel patterns", including 'Jeux des gendarmes
et du voleur' in my Bear games implementation:

Did you know that the bear hunt is known as the "Cosmic Hunt" among
anthropologists? Over the whole of the Eurasian continent and the two
Americas this myth returns in different forms, namely three hunters
following a bear, or an elk. Typically the story goes that three
hunters were trailing the bear. The hunters were the three stars that
we see as the handle of the Big Dipper. One of the hunters had shot
the bear in the side, but the wound wasn't serious enough to stop the
bear. The middle hunter carried a pot on his shoulder to cook the bear
meat in, but the hunters never got close enough to kill the bear. He
went crashing through the forests of the night, always managing to
keep the same distance ahead of the three hunters. At the end of
summer, the bear and the hunters grew tired, and they dipped lower and
lower toward the horizon. When the bear got very close to the horizon,
close enough for blood to drip from the wound in his side onto the
trees, the people noticed that the leaves turned red. It was time to
harvest and finish preparation for winter. (story from link below).

For more on the Cosmic Hunt, see

Mats Winther

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