hist-games: Looking for information on Thai or other SE Asian games?

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Sun Mar 30 05:02:28 PDT 2008

Good sources:
- Stewart Culin's publications (Chess and playing cards, Chinese Games with 
dice and dominoes, Corean Games etc.)
- I. Finkel / C. Mackenzie, Asian Games, the art of contest, NY 2004
- several issues of Board Game Studies (Cout-eastern Mancala-variants; Fang 

Tim Moore <druigey at yahoo.com> Ecrivait: 
>Besides Nyout (Korea) and Cows and Leopards (India/Ceylon), I'd say I'm a
>little sparse in my knowledge of historical games (board, dice, or card)
>from the region but, when it comes down to it, I'm just plain empty.
>  Does anyone have any recommendations, particularly SE Asian games prior
>to 1600?
>  Tim
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