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James Masters jm at tradgames.org.uk
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Strictly speaking, India/Ceylon are usually not counted as part of SE Asia
but since you included it...

Baga Chal or Tigers and Goats is the national game of Nepal.  I think there
are other varieties of this kind of game depending upon the country.
Korean Go I believe is subtly different to Chinese/Japanese Go (although
never quite got to the bottom of why)

Korean Chess (Changgi)
Thai Chess (Mak Ruk)
Burmese Chess (Sittuyin

There are a variety of Mancala variants down there - can fish out more
details if interested.

India of course was the source for a number of games including Chess (well
maybe Chess - lets not start an argument), Moksha Patamu (Snakes and
Ladders), Pachisi/Chaupur (Ludo). Pachisi is said to be the national game of



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   1. Looking for information on Thai or other SE Asian games?
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Besides Nyout (Korea) and Cows and Leopards (India/Ceylon), I'd say I'm a
little sparse in my knowledge of historical games (board, dice, or card)
from the region but, when it comes down to it, I'm just plain empty.

  Does anyone have any recommendations, particularly SE Asian games prior to


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