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Mon Mar 3 20:12:47 PST 2008

>  Well, it's hard to be *less* attributed than Medieval Games, which is
>  nearly devoid of sources or notes. That's always been my main complaint
>  about the book.

Well, yes.  The Complete Anachronist simply points to _Medieval
Games_, though, so it certainly tries.

>  That said, I do still tend to recommend it with qualifications --
>  despite its flaws, it's one of the most useful sources on the subject
>  for the beginner. I think of it very much as I do most Victorian
>  scholarship, and for the same reasons. It's a bit undisciplined, and
>  distressing in the lack of sources, but the author is *very* well-read,
>  and I have repeatedly stumbled across the sources for games that I was
>  questioning, when I got my hands on sources like Hyde or the Alfonso MS.
>  You can't assume that everything in there is true, but it's better than
>  it's sometimes given credit for.

The big problem I find with it is the magnitude of the mistakes. It's
difficult for me to give credence to any information when much of it
is so irregular.  Then again, sending me to the sources referenced is
never a bad thing but many are a bit difficult to access. Pointers on
obscure locations to source material not readily discernible as such
would be most welcome.

>  And do keep in mind that cooking research has its share of terrible
>  sources: we keep a copy of Cosman on hand mainly as a cautionary tale,
>  and there are even more bad cooking sources out there than bad game
>  sources. There's nothing unusual about any of this -- period games are
>  simply a bit earlier on the scholarship curve than period cooking is...

SCA folks who cook also play games and do heraldry, heralds play games
and cook, and gamesters are cooks and heralds. Ah, the eternal
triangle! I just ran an analysis on why you cannot trust modern
version of period recipes to give true ingredients lists and know of
what you write.
But I _like_ pineapple in my 'medieval' food!

This is an ongoing search of mine, so all replies are well pleasing
and appreciated. I'm looking for new information on Magyar games and
clarification/supplementation on what's already there.

- Teceangl
Heraldry is designed to be easily reproduced by anyone who sees the arms. -

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