hist-games: Magyar Games and Tibetan Mig Mang

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 20:16:46 PST 2008

> It was pointed out to me by a friend that the mig mang game (usual spelling)
> could have come from Tibet and/or Mongolia with the Mongol invasions. The L
> patterns are indeed the beginning shapes and the game is played as was
> described in the post. See:
>  http://members.tripod.com/Mongolian_Page/games/mingmang.html
> http://www.di.fc.ul.pt/~jpn/gv/mingmang.htm
>  It also seems to be described at
> disk.jabbim.cz/darktatka at njs.netlab.cz/h6.pdf
> although the board is 13x13 and the text is in Czechoslovakian.  Can anyone
> translate this?

There's a lot of speculation in there. When I was first researching
medieval games I had my hands on that SCA publication 'Medieval Games'
and it looked good but the amount of things presented without any
leads back to any other sources proved a point at which I could not
suspend my disbelief. I own the Complete Anachronist which reprinted
much of the games information and it's even less attributed.

Perhaps cooking research has ruined me but I'm far less likely to
accept tertiary or modern secondary sources anymore and not at all
sanguine when the modern publications present information without
tying it back to anything I can check on. :)  Since the SCA
publications are the only place I've ever seen any reference to Mishy
Mashy, I'll be sitting on the fence until some sort of facts come
through that seem worthwhile.

And not facts like the ones for Shut the Box, which claim it was
played by Norman sailors, which caused many in the SCA to accept it as
medieval when, well, there are still Norman sailors out there and
nothing else exists to date the game before the 1800s. Back to
cooking. Pease porridge in the pot nine days old - fact? Or children's
rhyme with as much veracity in it as 'step on a crack break your
mother's back'?

Please post what that Czech site has to say.  More research and
information is always welcome, and interesting.

- Teceangl

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