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I am sure you are right, and I think that Mia/Meier is similarly a modern fiction though Viking reeanctors on this side of the pond play it. I will be taking both Farkle and Mia from my web site unless I hear different.

There are plenty of very good authentic games to play though.

What about Blind Dice?


> Hi all
> Has anyone an opinion or better still information on the provenance   
> of the following dice games found in books and web sites

> Farkle (aka 10,000) - said to be Tudor

> I can find nothing to suggest that they are anything other than 20th C

Yeah, I get questions from 18th and 19th century reenactors every once  
in a while who are asking for farkle dice sets, but I've never seen  
any hard evidence for it even that early.

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