hist-games: Permainan-Tabal

M Winther mwi5 at tele2.se
Tue Jan 1 12:52:23 PST 2008

Den 2008-01-01 15:31:57 skrev M Winther <mwi5 at tele2.se>:

> Peter Michaelsen, a while ago, sent me the information about a game
> called "Permainan-Tabal". I have now implemented it in Zillions. The
> pieces can capture in all directions on the extended Alquerque board
> but it seems it's only possible to step in the forward directions plus
> east and west. This seems to be verified by an actual game from 1910
> (attached in the zip-file). Otherwise it's too easy to put up a defence by
> backing with the pieces. The Kings are long, but I am not certain
> if they must land immediately behind the captured piece, or if they
> function like International Draughts kings.
> I know nothing about the history of this game. If somebody knows where
> it derives from, please tell me. I assume it is from Java because
> there is where the example game derives from. The pre-release of the
> Zillions program can be downloaded here:
> http://biphome.spray.se/mats.winther/Permainan-Tabal.zip
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> promote a discussion.

My Permainan-Tabal page is now ready and a Zillions program can
be downloaded here:

I write that it derives from South-East Asia. I f somebody knows exactly,
please tell me. It is a good game, an intermediate between Alquerque
and Draughts.


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