hist-games: Permainan-Tabal

M Winther mwi5 at tele2.se
Tue Jan 1 06:31:57 PST 2008

Peter Michaelsen, a while ago, sent me the information about a game
called "Permainan-Tabal". I have now implemented it in Zillions. The
pieces can capture in all directions on the extended Alquerque board
but it seems it's only possible to step in the forward directions plus
east and west. This seems to be verified by an actual game from 1910
(attached in the zip-file). Otherwise it's too easy to put up a defence by
backing with the pieces. The Kings are long, but I am not certain
if they must land immediately behind the captured piece, or if they
function like International Draughts kings.

I know nothing about the history of this game. If somebody knows where
it derives from, please tell me. I assume it is from Java because
there is where the example game derives from. The pre-release of the
Zillions program can be downloaded here:

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Mats Winther

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