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> Yes Murray, Board Games Other Than Chess, page 61 (section 4.1.13)
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Thanks! This is a pre-release of my article. A critical discussion is welcome.

"The Boardgame Mandala"

Abstract:  in the evolution of game diagrams and rules boardgames have
come to mirror not only cultural aspects but also the transformations
in the collective psyche. In the historical perspective the boardgame
is a collective effort, and therefore it portrays the collective
psyche in the form of mandala shapes pertaining to the whole numbers,
such as three and four. The symbolic values of the different
geometries and numbers are recurrent themes in cultural history, and
denote different stages in the progression of consciousness.

Keywords:  mandala, quaternity, trinitarian, Self, alchemy, sacred
game, psychic structure.


Mats Winther


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