hist-games: Mid-175h Century England Games?

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I'm a cast member of a local Cavalier/English Civil War era faire set in
1652 and was wondering what period appropriate games would have been played
in England in that time period?  Any and all suggestions welcome.

Here's a few of the most portable

Card games: One & Thirty, Bone-Ace (An ancestor to modern Blackjack,  
and mentioned as
early as 1611.)

Maw was popular with the English court starting with James I

Cribbage and it's ancestor Noddy were being played

For Dice games Hazard was the longest standing popular dice game in Europe.

Backgammon -even folding backgammon boards are documented.

If you'll excuse a shameless plug... the card and dice game rule  
booklets that I sell
both consist of games documented in Europe prior to 1700. (I started  
out with a 30 Year
War group so pre-1700 games has been our primary focus)

MacGregor Historic Games

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