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Marti Livingstone marti at neo.rr.com
Wed Sep 19 11:11:45 PDT 2007

Greetings to all the gamesters,

I have become very interested in playing more period games at SCA  
events and at my group's revels. While the strategy games go over  
well with some, I am seeking games of chance that can be played by  
those not interested in the heavy thinking games. We had a great time  
last night playing Gluckhuas and Game of the Goose for chocolate. In  
fact, those doing the strategy games were a bit jealous over the  
whooping and cheers going on at our table when someone won the stake  
of M&M's.

But I digress. I have found a non gambling version of an Italian  
gambling lottery called Biribissi from "At Home in Renaissance  
Italy", the V&A Museum website. There was a description of play in  
Giacomo Casanova's book 'History of My Life', ppg 12-13. Any other  
reference to this game is in Italian which I do not read. Is anyone  
able to help me find the rules and instructions of how to play  

If this has been answered previously, I apologize for taking up your  
time. I look forward to gleaning information from the archives.

Marti Livingstone

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