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Jon at Gothic Green Oak jon at gothicgreenoak.co.uk
Sat Sep 1 03:31:07 PDT 2007

Hi all

Does any one know of a game called 'The Conspirators'

It is described in Bell's little book 'Discovering Old Board Games' - one of the Shire
Series published in 1973.

The game is apparently French and could be 17th C but is not
dated by Bell. The 17th C date comes from a single web site 'The World of Abstract Games' 

Briefly, the game is played on the intersections of a 16 x 16 board. Men are
alternately placed on a safe area in the centre and then once all there move out
to sanctuaries on the periphery. There are 20 men aside but only 39
sanctuaries. The player with one man left over looses. Apparently there is a
four player version with 10 men aside. Movement is one position in any

What I was hoping for was confirmation of its 17th C date.

Anyone know of it?

All the best to everyone

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