hist-games: looking for images of pre 1600 Gluckhaus.

ADRIAN SEVILLE adrian.seville at btopenworld.com
Mon Jul 23 15:58:00 PDT 2007

The 1583 board referred to is (I believe) number 352 in the relevant catalogue of the Bayerische Nationalmuseum ('Spiele..' Georg Himmelhaber, 1972).  
  The same catalogue at number 49 shows a board from Augsburg dated about 1600.  This has numbers 2 to 12, without much decoration.  Sorry this is not guaranteed to be 'pre-1600' as you request!
  No. 351 of rather uncertain date is also worth looking at, since it could well be in your period: this just has simple circles, each showing two dice.
  Hope this helps.
  Adrian Seville 

Deboramarzec at aol.com wrote:
      There's a pictures of a Gluckhaus board in Games of the world that shows a board from 1583. I have found other images of this same board, but none of other boards although occasionally I'll come across a comment that suggests other boards from this time period exist. 
  Anyone have any leads?

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