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Mon Jun 18 02:46:00 PDT 2007

Hi all

An update to the courier chess messages

I had a document sent to me from the Schachmuseum with a picture of the courier chess pieces they have which are reproductions of what they date to 1651 (the original pieces lost in 1945) 

Jim sent details of the courier chess men illustrated in Gustavus Selenus 
1616 book "Das Schach oder Konig Spiel" fortunately reproduced on p 230 of Marilyn Yalom's "Birth of the Chess Queen" (Perennial Books,  2004) which is widely available for those interested. 

The pieces are of course the same though of a slightly different date. 

These are post medieval and not the symbolic pieces I am after. I suspect they do not survive and are not misidentified as I hoped. 

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