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What you have told us is fascinating and so please do send more. The markings on the sides of the Long Lawrence are enigmatic and any light on this would be very interesting.  I would be interested especially if you think the suggestion that the ten linked crosses said to represent the gridiron upon which poor old St Lawrence met his end, post dates the invention of the die, and therefore initially derive from elsewhere. 

The idea that the totum (formerly teetotum, thank you) originates in the Jewish community is I agree something that would be difficult to demonstrate unless there was a much earlier jewish reference. Though what you say is interesting and certainly suggests that this may be the case. 

A question though - is there any reference to whether the Long Lawrence was originally square in section with each symbol appearing once or eight sided with each symbol appearing twice. The latter is easier to roll but may be a later development. 

Jon Hather
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