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I have seen some examples of game boards being printed on paper.  The V&A
has a Game of Goose print (that I've lost the exact date for - either 16th
century or 18th century).  I've also seen an Italian print dating from
mid-1600 based on rolling 3 dice (pretty similar to a modern day craps
table).  -mjm-

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I apologize if this has been covered previously.  I
have not found much in the archives (at least that was
new enough to have functioning documenting links).  I
am wondering about game boards made of cloth or
leather and whether these were used in Europe prior to
the early 1600s?  I have seen assertions that they
were common in the Muslim east but not Europe.  I also
remember seeing a reference to them being made in
Scandanavia but cannot recall the refernce or the
time-frame.  Can anyone help?

Richad Yeager
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