hist-games: Korean Chess

Viktor Bautista i Roca viktor at drac.com
Sun Nov 5 10:04:44 PST 2006

Mats Winther va dir:
> Is it, or is it not allowed to pass a move whenever you want in Korean
> Chess,
> or are you only allowed to pass when you can't move a piece (that's how I
> implemented it). The scarce sources on the Internet seem to say different
> things. There is very little written on Korean Chess. Perhaps somebody
> owns
> the book "Korean games...".

I have no idea about Korean chess, but I have Culin's book...

He says:

"The king on the losing side is allowed yet another privilege. If he is
the only piece on his side, and if his moving would greatly endanger him,
he is allowed, as the equivalent of a move, to turn over and remain in his
original position."

So passing (turning over the king) is only allowed if the king is the only
remaining piece and if moving would be really bad for him.

I think there's no other mention of not moving.



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