hist-games: Brandubh ("Black raven")

Damian Walker damian at snigfarp.karoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 13 23:19:11 PDT 2006

Quoting webmaster at historicgames.com's message of Saturday:

> http://www.unicorngarden.com/games.htm
> The author of that website seems to have created this game which he seems to 
> alternately call "Faery Chess" "Celtic Chess" and "Fidchell" On that page he 
> seems to admit that he has no documentation for Fidchell being his circular 
> game, but I thought it was worth giving people a heads-up that people are 
> already being confused by his application of "Celtic" and "Fidchell" to a 
> game which seems to be a pure invention of his own.

And this is much the same as the situation with Brandub.  But all people 
are doing is continuing tradition here.  Nobody seemed to care about 
accuracy of naming in the middle ages.  Henry IV's foxes and geese for a 
game of "merels", and Alfonso's three-in-a-row "alquerque" games spring 
to mind.  And Fidchell is a name that occupies among gamers the same 
situation as a piece of rope in a tug of war.

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