hist-games: Utopia

Jorge Nuno Silva jnsilva at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 14 14:18:34 PDT 2006

This is from Utopia:

"They have, however, two sorts of games not un-like
our chess; the one is between several numbers, in which
one number, as it were, consumes another; the other resembles
a battle between the virtues and the vices, in which the en-mity
in the vices among themselves, and their agreement
against virtue, is not unpleasantly represented; together with
the special opposition between the particular virtues and vices;
as also the methods by which vice either openly assaults or
secretly undermines virtue; and virtue, on the other hand,
resists it."

I know one of the games is Rithmomachia, but the other? Do you have any idea?

Jorge Nuno Silva

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