hist-games: Brandubh ("Black raven")

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sat Aug 12 16:11:15 PDT 2006

Damian Walker wrote:
> Having played a few variants since I became interested in this game, I 
> don't think the size of the board has a linear relationship with the 
> amount of skill needed to play.  I think rather that the size of board 
> shifts emphasis from short term tactics to long term strategy.  The 
> smaller games are quicker and less daunting for beginners, though. I've 
> yet to find a willing opponent for alea evangelii!

We play it occasionally in the local SCA. I'm not especially good at it 
myself (being a fairly weak strategist), but my friend who *is* good at 
it has observed that it's mostly a matter of patient strategy for the 
attacker to win, gradually boxing the defender in and not worrying too 
much about captures.

Finding an opponent for Rhythmomachy -- now there's a challenge...

				-- Justin

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