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Emne: SV: hist-games: Gala - suggestions for further research

OK, Mats,

We will see, if anyone might want to write such a research article. I hope so, but if not, I might perhaps find the time to do that some day.

I have one more suggestion for eventual Gala researchers:
Try to contact not only the University of Kiel, but also the Dithmarscher Landesmuseum in Meldorf. Some persons there might have further information about Gala. It does not seems that they sell the game in the museum shop, but elsewhere on the Internet it is possible to buy a game set. If someone writes an article about the game, that might perhaps arouse interest locally, so that e.g. the museum in Meldorf might want to arrange a Gala tournament.
In fact, as a result of my own and other people's (Alf Næsheim, Erik Østergaard, Anne Gaston, Thierry Depaulis) research about the dice board game daldøs, the museum in Thisted, North West Jutland, as well as the Jærmuseet in Norway, do now arrange tournaments and demonstrations of daldøs and daldøsa.

I did actually find one article about Gala on the Internet.
It can be found on the Berliner Zeitung Online textarchiv 17.06. 1995: "Die Gala-Show Dithmarscher Bauern", written by Peter Huth.
You can find it on http://www.berlinonline.de/berliner-zeitung/archiv/.bin/dump.fcgi/1995/0617/wirtschaft/0016/

Best wishes,
Peter Michaelsen.

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Den 2006-08-07 23:31:17 skrev Peter Michaelsen <PMI at KM.DK>:


> To name it "a Danish game" is not quite adequate. Holstein was a part of the Danish Kingdom for centuries, but people there did never speak Danish, and I do not think that people in e.g. Dithmarschen did ever regard themselves as Danes - not more than the original population on the Faroe Isles, Greenland, and the Danish colonies in West India and elsewhere did.

Yes, but people will be much more interested in the game if I say that it was
played by Danish Vikings, especially the American's will cock up their ears.
If I said that it was played by German peasants: Pah!

It is still possible that it was played by Danish Vikings, but that it survived
only among German peasants. Let's hope so, until someone refutes that
thesis in a research article. Then I will change the headline on my Gala page.

By the way, Murray says that Fox and Geese is a Viking game although it was
never played by the Vikings, and the board pattern actually derives from Arabic
games. But it is today an established fact that Fox and Geese is a Viking game,
although it wasn't.


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