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Sun Jul 30 08:46:12 PDT 2006

Mats writes:

> It is a very curious game. I have not seen anything like it before,
> although it clearly is a relative of Hnefatafl. I am not sure I quite 
> understand
> it.
> http://hem.passagen.se/melki9/gala.htm

Hmm. I thought Gala might have derived from chaturanga--four players each 
with a king, three "mounts" and four infantry, or two players each controlling 
two quadrants. Hadn't thought of it being like Hnefatafl, particularly since the 
sides are of equal strength. I wonder how you concluded they are related?

I am not very good at games on the computer, so can't really comment on the 
play, but it looks very nice.

Sally Wilkins
Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures
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