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Cris Jolliff cris at pastymegames.com
Tue Jul 25 10:25:02 PDT 2006

I'd love to see this product!

So far, all of your suggested games are excellent. I would like to see 
King's Table (Dark Ages), or some variant of that game (Hnefetafl, etc.) 
and perhaps the Royal Game of the Goose (Renaissance). A four-in-a-row 
game styled after the Captain's Mistress would also be nice, but 
probably not well-enough documented to safely fit within 
Medieval-Renaissance (most likely much more recent).


*Cris Jolliff*

*Owner, Pastyme Games*

smcclune at earthlink.net wrote:
> Greetings to the list!
> I am in the process of putting together a set of wooden game boards.  The boards will be 12" x 16".  The idea is that they will fit inside the tray of a wooden chest I made as part of a local group project.  The inside of the tray is already painted for tables/backgammon, and the other side has a chess board.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what additional boards I might want to include?  I would prefer to stick with games from medieval or renaissance Europe, if possible.  I'm currently considering Nine Man Morris, Fox and Geese, Alquerques, and probably Gluckshaus; are there any others I ought to include?  Any favorites that perhaps I haven't heard of yet?
> Many thanks!
> S. McClune
> (known in the SCA as Arwen Southernwood)
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