hist-games: Staining bone pieces?

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Sat Jun 10 06:19:14 PDT 2006

So, I acquired some deer "toe" bones that I was going to try to use as  
game pieces, but does anyone have suggestions what to use for staining  
or dyeing them? I'ld prefer to stain/dye them rather than just paint  

I was thinking I would go with red since there is an early description  
of the Isle of Lewis chess pieces having possible remnants of red  
stain (although modern examination has not confirmed this)

Tara Hill http://www.tarahill.com/runekits.html sells red ochre for  
their rune kits, but will it soak into bone well enough? It would be  
nice to have them tinted enough so they are distinct from the undyed  
pieces, but I don't know if I want them solid red like later ivory  
chess pieces that were red colored.

MacGregor Historic Games

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