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Hi, Pedro,

I do not know any Bolivian games, but I suppose that one might be able to find dice and board games in Bolivia, similar to those described in the excellent article by Thierry Depaulis: "Inca Dice and Board Games", Board Games Studies 1, 1998, p.26-49. 
The Mapuches who live in the north of Chile (the former Araucanians) were influenced by the Inca culture, and as Thierry Depaulis states, it is no surprise that their games show strong similarities with the Inca games. This is both the case with the game 'kechukawe' ('quechucayu', 'quechucague'), which is a race game with capture, and the game 'komikan'/'comican' which is a hunt game played on a latticed board with a triangle added to one side. This game is also called 'leoncito'. 12 dogs are fighting a lion on this special board with 38 points (25 + 13 in the triangle). 
Similar games are also played by the Indian tribes of Brazil, see the film by Maurício de Araúja Lima: "Brazilian indigenous games". He showed this interesting film at the BGS colloquium in Oxford last year. De Araúja Lima is also co-author of a book in Spanish about the same subject.
Games like the Brazilian "Jaguar Game" are probably also played in Bolivia.
You might perhaps try to contact the mentioned authors in order to get further information.
Perhaps you might come across some interesting new information about this subject.
Do not hesitate to tell about your findings!

Best wishes, and good journey to Bolivia,
Peter Michaelsen.

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I'm travelling to bolivia within two months and would like to know if
you guys known any games from that region?

Pedro Markun
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