hist-games: New Yahoo Group, SCA_courtiers

Bruce Padget bapadget at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 12:46:47 PST 2006

A new Yahoo Group has been opened, SCA Courtiers.

The group is intended as a free-ranging discussion of
the Courtier ideal. General topics will include:

The Book of the Courtier, including the history of its
writing, the diffusion of the ideas in it, and similar

Historical courtiers,

Fictional courtiers from whom we may draw inspiration,

Application of courtiership within the Society for
Creative Anachronism.

To join, go to

Please pass this on to anyone you think may be

Niccolo Gianfigliazzi Genovese, OP, OL, DWS, CB
Of Artemisia, soon to be of Caid
bapadget at yahoo.com

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