hist-games: Holzroulette - modern or historical?

Glenn Barry gbarry at sydney.net
Thu Feb 9 17:29:56 PST 2006

Cris wrote:

>Hey, thanks for your input, Paolo. I was hoping to find more specifics on
>this roulette variant, but the chance game you pointed out looks
>Anyone else have a take on Holzroulette/Deutsches Roulette?
It looks to me that it could be derivative of HOCA in particular and 
possible Even-Odd, early forms of Roulette.

Why HOCA is that "there were 40 numbered pockets around the edge of a 
circular table. From the centre of the table projected a spindle from 
which six spokes reached halfway 
 from the centre to the rim. When the ball was placed between the 
spokes  and the "wheel" spun  the ball would shoot from the centre and 
speed around the rim of the table before settling into a stationary 
pocket"  -Arnold "History of Gambling"

Found  reference in Google images  but the originional page is not found 
byt a very small image remains at the google site.

Good luck

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