hist-games: Beads for playing

Mats Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Sat Jan 21 09:13:06 PST 2006

Have you seen this? A site with perfect beads for traditional games::

Glass beads are authentic.  I visited the Historical Museum in Stockholm
and had a look at the beads which the Vikings used for Hnefatafl, etc.
They were either of bone or of glass. The glass beads were round and
flattened on one side. In one set the black pieces were opaque and the
other were transparent and blue, with bubbles in the glass. The king was
actually a little glass figure with blue eyes, blue nose, and a blue ring as
crown. Otherwise the king piece was typically bigger than the others and
had an iron inlay on the top. But not a cross, of course, but in one case a
tri-star, and in another case a round thing.


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