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Thanks for the explanations to the Catalan decks.
  In Germany we've a similar feature: Normal big card decks have 2x52 cards plus 2x3 jokers and the back differs in the same design but different colors for 55 cards each.
  But: The most usual small deck has only 32 cards (2-6 is left out), it's the base for the most common German game Skat, played with these cards (but also other games are played with this deck). So these cards are usually called "Skatkarten". 
  And another popular deck are Doppelkopfkarten, either 40 or 48, consisting of 2x24 (or 2x20 cards (2-8 or 2-9 are missing). Usually only used for the game Doppelkopf, which has developed to a strong competitor for Skat in Germany and which is played either with 40 or 48 cards. 
  Also there are decks in German design, prefered in specific regions. 


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