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Vegard Krog Petersen vkp at start.no
Sat Dec 10 18:22:58 PST 2005

     2. RE: hist-games Digest, Vol 8, Issue 1 (james at tradgames.org.uk)

> Andrew is on something of a Halma crusade and his favoured
> approach is "Super Halma" - Halma with super jumps.....
> I'm not sure if his work is generally available but he
> seemed to be keen to spread the word to anyone who was interested....

For the interested:
Andrew B. Perkis: Super Halma - the quest for the best two-handed
version, in Abstract Games, issue 15 (2003) article is available here:


Since the Abstract Games website is down, I have uploaded a pdf scan to my site.

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