hist-games: Re: Halma

Mats Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Wed Dec 7 07:27:50 PST 2005

Den 2005-12-07 14:57:40 skrev Pieter en Christien Sinninghe Damsté <damste.buma at home.nl>:

> Dear Sir,
>Would you be so kind as to give me more information on the game of  Halma,
> as I am very Interested in this game. In the Netherlands it is not popular
> anymore. But I have some Halma Games in my collection from about 1900- 1910
> ( Spears) if you are interested in the rules given by these games, I can
> send them to you.
> Do you know something about the 18thcentury game Lotto Dauphin? I haven some
> questions concerning this game.
> Looking forward to your reply,
> Kind regards,
> Christine Sinninghe Damsté

Hello Christine!

Perhaps Ulrich Schädler can enlighten you. I know only the little history
that I write about on my homepage ( http://hem.passagen.se/melki9/halma.htm ).
In my suggestion of smaller board versions I, firstly, employ Sackson's rule
of forced outjump. To this I add that backwards movements and jumps are
prohibited. This implies that movement directions are reduced from 8 to 5.
These Halma variants can be played on a division of the Halma board (or
the Go board, or the chessboard). In China and Japan they often use a
division of the big 19x19 Go board for other games, such as certain
5-in-a-row games.


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