hist-games: Halma

Mats Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Wed Dec 7 01:19:43 PST 2005

Den 2005-12-07 09:21:08 skrev <u.schaedler at museedujeu.com>:

> For the history of Halma see Bruce Whitehill, Americanopoly. America as
> seen throgh its games, ed. by the Swiss Museum of Games, 2004.
> BTW: It's still a classic in Germany where it is part of the games
> compendiums reuniting games such as nine men's morris, draughts, ludo etc.
> Ulrich

Thanks for the info about Halma in Germany. I have updated my article.
Here in Sweden it not even possible to come by a Halma board. Chinese
checkers is well-known, however (this is not a Chinese game as many
people think, but appeared in the 30s in USA(?)).

Still, it's not hard to understand why Halma didn't catch on. The board is
too big for two-person play. It's designed for four persons. If a very good
Halma can be played on a tiny 4x4 board, then it's hard to understand
why we should keep to the 16x16 board. Let's give that up and the game
will have a future.


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