[0.8] Re: hist-games: Latrunculi

Mats Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Tue Nov 29 08:31:16 PST 2005

Den 2005-11-29 13:28:34 skrev <u.schaedler at museedujeu.com>:

> Hi,
> I know of no Greek poleis-boards having 5x5 squares and 2x5 pieces.
> The game played on 5 parallel lines with 2x5 pieces was "pente grammai".
> The Kurna boards are very problematic concerning the date. I have several
> photographs of these boards. But again: I would trust the Egyptologists
> concerning the dating.
> Best
> Ulrich

Yes, 'pente grammai' it was. But that was obviously a war-game. And
'poleis' was a generic term for war-games. Ergo: a 'poleis' with 5x5
pieces did exist, although the number of pieces varied, and the board
size, too.

Concerning the Kurna boards. There are more than 70(?) board
depictions in the Kurna temple. I'd argue that it's highly unlikely
that all of them were chiselled out during the Arabic period. After
all, we know for certain that Mancala board games were known in the
New Kingdom period (1570-1070). War- and hunt-games are more primitive
conceptions than mancala, which is thought to have been developed from
an Egyptian calculation board. So probably they knew Siga, too, or
some predecessor to it.


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