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Sat Nov 26 11:55:51 PST 2005

Hi Christian Joachim Hartmann

I found your (old) mail googling for sotheming else, but related to teetotum

I received the answer to your problem from a pdf  (in german, but may be you can read prt of it)

I've got a same teetotum, but without the SD , replaced by T
it is in bone (ivory ?) and approx dated from 1800 something
the letters are alternatively in black and red

I have another one (but 4-sided) with the letters (hand printed, also in red and black) P H T N
also dated te same time

hope that is convenient 

Dear Subscribers, last month, I bought a six-sided teetotum, showing on its six faces the letters S.Z S.D N.A N.H N.D L.S A teetotum is a little gyro(scope), to be spun on a table, which will fall on one of its sides, therefore an equivalent to a common die. First question: Can anybody give an explanation of these letters and state the game that was played with the teetotum? Second question: I know I read somewhere about the letters on old four-sided teetotums and their meanings. Does anybody know what letters are supposed to be on a traditional teetotum and what they mean? Thank you, 
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