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Well, I don't read czech, but I do believe there is a mix-up of info here,
at least as far as your data are concerned. My info has the oldest depiction
of Senet (Senat, Sen't) in the tomb of Ra-sheps (Rashepses). This is fifth
dynasty, which ran roughly 2500 to 2400 BC. An earlier pre-dynastic tomb
(probably of a witchdoctor) was credited with having such an item, but the
board those explorers found was incomplete, and its relationship to Senet is
only speculative (though strongly so). This would predate Rashepses' game by
a thousand years or more if true (4000-3500 B.C.).

Wooley did work in Egypt (at Tell el Amarna) but was not noted for much in
that region. His best work was to be in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq, in
particular) and he is credited for finding the Ur game, not Senat. The Ur
game is probably slightly older than Senet (3000-2500 B.C.).

For good history reference with games, I recommend a hard-to-find book
called "A History of Board Games Other Than Chess" which is a companion to
"A History of Chess" by H.J.R. Murray. In it you will find well-documented
historical data on a plethora of games.


Cris Jolliff
Pastyme Games

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|  I have noticed that many sites on the Internet are now 
|  stating that Senet is the game with the oldest evidence found.
|  Apparently the game was found depicted in the Tomb of 
|  Merknera by Sir Leonard Woolley dated around 2700 - 3300BC.  
|  As shown on this page:
|  http://www.hrejsi.cz/clanky/dama1.html
|  However, I'm struggling to reconcile this for the following reasons:
|  I can't find reference to a Pharaoh Merknera.
|  I don't think Sir Leonard Woolley did much in Egypt.  His 
|  research was all around Ur and Syria.
|  I've never seen these facts in any books I've read.
|  Can anyone comment?
|  thanks,
|  James Masters
|  www.tradgames.org.uk
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