hist-games: FW: Senet

james at tradgames.org.uk james at tradgames.org.uk
Fri Oct 28 00:23:18 PDT 2005

I have noticed that many sites on the Internet are now stating that Senet is
the game with the oldest evidence found.

Apparently the game was found depicted in the Tomb of Merknera by Sir
Leonard Woolley dated around 2700 - 3300BC.  As shown on this page:


However, I'm struggling to reconcile this for the following reasons:

I can't find reference to a Pharaoh Merknera.
I don't think Sir Leonard Woolley did much in Egypt.  His research was all
around Ur and Syria.
I've never seen these facts in any books I've read.

Can anyone comment?


James Masters

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