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I have loads of great games to choose from now. Thanks. There are so many I like that it is hard to choose. I especially like the idea of the cricket game using hands and a stool but I need to find a suitable ball. I have already made a Tefl game and played it with my son: we love it. I so want one of those 'Shut the Box' games and will send for one if I can't see one at the re-enactors fair next weekend.
I have a question about a dice game though. Hazard strikes me as a good fun gambling game for the lads when waiting to go on the battlefield. I have a question about the rules though. I understand the first to get 18,17,16,14 or 3,4,5,6 is the winner. I also understand that if you get something between these numbers, that is your hazard. In the future all you have to do is throw the winning numbers or your own hazard. If you throw the other guys hazard you lose. What if you throw more than twice? Do you then have two hazards or does the old hazard get replaced by the new hazard or does the hazard always stay the same?
Thanks for anyone who knows the answer or, at least, knows the best way to play. 
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