hist-games: RE: hist-games Digest, Vol 2, Issue 1

John-Deb-Ronan john.brattan at hunterlink.net.au
Tue Mar 1 02:41:41 PST 2005

When I was a member of The Routiers or more officially 'The Pike & Musket
Society of NSW' - Australia, I was introduced to a game called stool ball.
Seemed to be some forerunner to cricket where you protected your stool (no
giggling please) from being hit by a ball by batting it away with your hand.
I found wearing a glove pretty 'handy' :-)

Also, we played nine pins one evening, after much beer and port of course.
Oh, and Royal Tennis, which would not be so easy to arrange in the middle of
crowd I guess...

I also read about piggy back races going back to ancient times. There was
one described as Chariots I think that involved four people arranging
themselves in a sort of chariot - two at the front were the horses with one
person behind bent over and pushing their head between the two 'horses'. The
fourth person was the driver who jumped onto the third persons back and held
the 'reins' - the two outer arms of the 'horses' who held their arm behind

..well at least I think that's how it was done...


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