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> On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, GRAHAM WEBB wrote:
> > Just rejoined the Sealed Knot but I now have four kids. Kids follow
the army about and then have nothing to do. I can talk to the lads and
go to the beer tent. Great for me but boring for the kids. I need a load
of games the kids can play with or without  me. They may need to play
some around the public, infact it would be nice if they could play some
authentic games among the crowd so that they are entertained too. Kids
ages are 4, 11, 13 and 16. The sixteen year old often drums for us so is
not difficult to occupy.
> >
> > Any good ideas?
> Off the top of my head: chess, draughts (checkers), marbles, and the Game 
> of Goose.
> -- 

9-man or 12-man Morris would be a good game for younger children and
could be played anywhere with a with a "board" scratched in the dirt, or
on a scrap of lumber. Backgammon (aka tables) perhaps for the older kids
(If I recall there was even a folding Backgammon board found aboard
Henry VIII ship the "Mary Rose". There are also 17th century paintings
of children with playing cards, so a simple period card game would work
as well. If any of the older ones know to play Cribbage, it's precurser
"noddy" should be easy to learn. 

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