hist-games: Emperador/ El Medio Emperador (tables)

Bruce Padget bapadget at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 05:36:00 PST 2004

I'm currently trying to puzzle out Emperador/ Ludus
Anglicorum/ Testa/ Tieste from Chapter 6, section
6.2.25 of Murray's _History of Board Games Other Than
Chess_.  (p. 124 in my copy of it).  Specifically, I'm
trying to work out what "limpholding" and "lurching"
are.  Contrary to his usually clear (but almost *too*
concise) notation, here Murray refers to the
"opposite" side of the table and to one's own side,
without defining them.  I believe that a player's half
or side of the table would be the two tables that
include his entry table,  (Using Murray's notation,
points a thru m for player C.), but I'd like to be

I'm also concerned that limpolding and lurching seem
to describe very particular and rare positions, to the
point of reminding me of Captain Kirk's "fizbin" game.

Then you have El Medio Emperador/ Ludus Lombardorum,
which is said to be the same game, but confined to
half the board -- the player's entry and bearing

So...any help at all puzzling these games out would be

bapadget at yahoo.com

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