hist-games: Willughby on Ticktack

David Parish-Whittaker davidparishwhittaker at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 14:29:19 PST 2003

>Is anyone familiar with other games that use the vie?
>David Levy

Primero (where it's a bit formalized), Post and Pair and Poch/Glic off the 
top of my head.  Put doesn't really have a vie, but it does have a similar 
rule to the double-  the player challenged to "put" can either cede a point 
or gamble the whole game upon the one hand.

Just got my Willughby, too.  Wow.  Cotton could have taken some cues on how 
to write clearly from Willughby, that's for sure.  Of course Cotton's 
anecdotes can't be beat.

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