hist-games: Early english card games

Imran Ghory imran at bits.bris.ac.uk
Sun Nov 23 13:48:22 PST 2003

While preparing a new version of my page detailing dates for card games, I
noticed that my earliest cite for Pope Julius (John Skelton, Speke parrot
(1521), "Of Pope Julius cardys he ys chefe cardynall.") predates those for
Gleek, One and Thirty, Trump, and Laugh and lie down (all dated
1522) making it AFAIK the earliest reference to a specific card game by
name in England.

However as far as I am aware, no game with a similar name is attested
anywhere else in Europe at that time, which seems to suggest that either
it was an original English card game (which while not impossible seems to
me to be highly unlikely, given that virtually every other game of this
period appears to be imported from mainland Europe) or a European card
game under a new name. Assuming this later is the case does anyone have
any suggestion to what game it might be ?


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