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Michael and Susan McKay wrote:
> There is a new website concentrating on early Tarot games.  Here is the
> opening paragraph from the web site (http://www.trionfi.com).
> > The main object at the beginning of Trionfi.com was my own theory
> > about a 5x14-Trionfi-deck in the early stage of development of the
> > Tarocchi, later called the Tarot. The theory is presented still in
> > fragmentarious form under the point about the Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo
> > deck, 5x14 (above). A lot of other points have gathered in the
> > meantime, more than I've dreamt of in the beginning of the site some
> > monthes ago.
> They also have a Yahoo newsgroup at LTarot
> (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LTarot).  Also while I was poking around I
> found another Yahoo newsgroup called "tarotgame"
> (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tarotgame/).

I obtained an interlibrary loan copy of Dummet's "Game of Tarot" for a
short time this year and I believe he described what he called the
earliest surviving tarot game as being from the 17th century. Since
tarot games themselves are documented to around the 1400's, I'm assuming
he meant that the 17th century version he describes is the tarot game
which has rules that come from the earliest known source, and that the
names of other earlier tarot games can be documented, but the  rules
associated with them come from later sources?

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